Monday, March 17, 2014

Chris Hedges Talks About Collapsing Civilizations and Emergence of the "Crisis Cult"

                Please do watch Abby Martin's brilliantly informative RT Cable TV Talk Show "Breaking the Set" on YouTube.

               I am uploading here Abby Martin's interviews with  Chris Hedges (an investigative journalist) broadcast on Breaking the Set on February 6th 2014 where Chris Hedges quotes Nietzsche as he explains how during a civilization's collapse Intellectuals or "Truth Tellers" from that civilization who have looked into the harsh reality (Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader etc.) try to tell the people about the crisis and the collapse facing them and how the people cannot comprehend it so that the Truth Tellers are shut out from maintream society...they wander the wastelands alone while the people retreat into a "Crisis Cult" .
             Chris Hedges explains that anthropologists who have  studied civilizations in collapse define the Crisis Cult as the creation of a Fantasy or a "Magical Reality" e.g. when the Native Peoples of North America were defeated by the European settlers, the Native People communities started the Ghost Dance in which the people chanted and believed that the Native Warriors will return, their Lands would be freed, the Buffalo herds will return and the White Man would retreat and leave North America.
            Similarly, Chris Hedges hypothesizes that as Corporate Greed destroys Earth's fragile ecosystems and starts killing increasing numbers of rural populations in USA by ravaging local habitats and local environments as a direct consequence of dangerous offshore drilling, fracking, irresponsibly built oil pipelines etc. the American population is witnessing the emergence of its own Crisis Cult in the form of  the steady rise of the Religious Right which denies Evolution, believes the solution to all problems is being "saved" by Jesus, directs hatred at and blames many minority groups including homosexuals, illegal immigrant workers, Muslims etc. for American society's collapse.

       Abby Martin is doing an excellent job in informing the public through her RT cable TV talk show "Breaking the Set".

Chris Hedges Talks about Collapsing Civilizations and the Crisis Cult

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