Sunday, September 15, 2013

Manzoor Husain Jhalla's Punjabi Songs Sung by Various Singers

Manzoor Jhalla Song Videos

Manzoor Husain Jhalla was a modern Punjabi poet who wrote Punjabi songs for the legendary Pakistani singer Reshman as well as for Pakistani Punjabi movies in the 1950's and 1960's made in the various movie studios of Lahore, Pakistan collectively called "Lollywood" from the 1990's onwards.

I have uploaded some of the best Manzoor Jhalla Punjabi songs here as videos to introduce and popularize the creations of this talented Pakistani Punjabi poet to young Pakistanis as well as Punjabi speaking people from Eastern Punjab, now part of the Republic of India.

I am thankful to the various Pakistani YouTube channels like Ahmad Ayaz Baig, MrMastanda, ParvezParvez etc. for uploading these videos on YouTube

I will add more videos of Manzoor Jhalla songs here periodically

Bhull Jaanay-aa Kisay day naal Piyaar Naa Kareen بُھل جاں ڑےآں  کسے  دے  نال  پیار نہ کریں 

Dil Cheer Kalay-jayoN Paar GayyaaN  دل  چیر  کلیجے اوں پار  گیاں 

Hanjoo Nazraanay Tayray  ہنجو نزرانے تیرے

Ay Mitthee-aaN soolaaN pyaar diyaaN  اے مِٹھی آں  سوُلاں  پیار دی آں   

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